Our Staff

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Chris and Tawney


Fluffy Butt Farms BC is the perfect blend of Tawney's thoughts and Chris' ability to do it. We put  a lot of  "us" into creating this farm. We've learned a lot and still have so much more to learn. We're loving the experience and how it's brought us together as a family. We will be forever grateful for the ability to grow Fluffy Butt. 


This is Addie, or Addie Girl. She is the namesake of our farm. Tawney adopted Addie in 2017, from a shelter in Downers Grove, IL. She adapted to city life in Chicago rather well, but visiting Michigan to see Chris, was her favorite. When Tawney made the decision to move to Michigan, Addie was elated! Then when the farm started, and kept growing, Addie was bouncing all over the place. Our fluffy butt found her forever home, and we named it after her. 



Jacob is a lover of all animals, especially the goats, and they love him too. On any given day you'll find Jacob taking the goats for a walk around their pasture. It's a special little bond they have.


This is Rebel, and everyone is his new best friend! He's a lover, and a puppy at heart. He is also a fantastic duck dog! He loves paling around with Chris, whether it's a trip to the store, a ride around the block or jumping in the Ranger to check out what's going on in the back woods. Most times he's trying to communicate with the goats, who don't seem to speak his same language. One of these days he's pretty sure they will respond. 


Tour guide Extraordinar

Getting to tour the farm with Jaxson is a real treat. He's very entertaining, and knowledgeable. Come on down and meet our youngest farmer!