About Our Farm

Our farm was established in 2020, at the high point of the pandemic. Chris and I were home from work and had actually planned on working on getting the house organized while the kids were away on Spring Break. They didn't leave, and our house is still not organized. 

I had been asking Chris to get chickens well before we were married, but the answer was always no. When it became harder to find eggs and chicken meat in the store, he finally said yes. 9 chickens turned into 31, which turned into meat rabbits, which turned into Kiko goats and Nigerian Dwarf goats. The whole idea behind starting a farm was to be able to feed our family, and not rely on the stores. From there we planted a fruit orchard, planted and grew our own produce and decided we wanted to help feed our community, but at an affordable price. I, Tawney, believe in eating local and fresh, but also that real food shouldn't break the bank. So that's our goal, feed our family, and our community, real food, affordably.

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